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   India signifies a form of love - merging of various cultures and traditions, primarily Hindu & Muslim and is becoming a new identity known as "Indian". Taj Mahal Shown on this cover is fine example of this love, where Muslim construction techniques where built by Hindu craftsmen.

   We at india palace are proud to present the finest in indian cooking with hope and expectation of another love, the meeting of east and west. We hope you enjoy the experience of india palce and welcome you comments.

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Vegetarian Appetizers
Papadam 1.25
Spiced crisp wafers  
Vegetarian Samosa 2.49
Crisp pastry shell stuffed with mild spice potatos and greenpeas  
Alu Tikki 1.99
Light spiced peas and potatos  
Cheese Pakora 2.99
Homemade curd cheese battered in gram flour and vegetable  
Mix Pakora 2.99
assortment of fresh vegetablesdipped,battered and fried  
Papri Chhat 2.99
Papri and potato marinated withmint sauce,chile peas and fresh tomatos  
Vegetable Platter 3.99
Combination f vegetable samosa, pakora and papadam  
Milligatawny Soup 1.99
Lightly spiced lentil and vegetable soup  
Chicken Soup 2.49
Our Chef's recipe of boneless chicken with oriental spices  
Non vegetarian Appetizers
Keema Samosa 2.99
Crisp pastry shell stuffed with ground lamb and aromatic spices  
Chicken Pakora 2.99
Boneless chicken spiced, dipped in batter and deep fried  
Fish Pakora 4.99
Boneless fish pieced ,dipped in batter and fried  
Non Vegetarian Platter 4.99
Combination of Keema samosa,chicken pakora , batata wada and papadum  
Sea Food Delicacies (Served with Rice)
Fish Curry 8.99
Boneless fish cubes cooked in light spicy golden homemade sauce  
Fish Masala 9.99
Boneless fish cubes cooked with bell pepper,tomatoes, herbs and special spices  
Shrimp Vindaloo 10.99
Prawns in spicy hot gravy with potatoes  
Saag Shrimb 10.99
Shrimb and garden chopped spinach cooked with butter and special spices  
Tandoori Shrimb Masala 11.99
Tandoori shrimb sauteed with ginger and green vegetables, cooked with our special sauce  
Lobster Masala 12.99
Butter fried lobster sauteed in a special sauce of herbs and spices
Bahar-e-Chicken (Served with Rice)
Chicken Curry 7.99
Selected pieces of chicken cooked in light spicy golden homemade sauce  
Chicken Shahi Korma 8.99
Chicken simmered delicious kashmiri herbs cooked in cream and sprinkled with nuts  
Chicken Sagwala 8.99
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh chopped spinach,herbs and ginger  
Chicken Vindaloo 8.99
Chicken cooked in south indian style with hot spices and potatoes  
Chicken Tikka Masala 9.99
Diced boneless barbecued chicken cooked with bell pepper,tomatoes and delicious spices  
Chicken Makhany 9.99
Chicken tikka from the clay oven,tossed in butter cilture yogurt and served in creamy red sauce  
Chicken Tikka Sagwala 8.99

Barbecued chicken tikka cooked with fresh chopped spinach , tomatoes and a touch of cream

Karahi Chicken 9.99
Chicken cooked with ground spices and herbs in an iron karahi
Side Orders
Plain yogurt 1.99
Homemade yogurt  
Mixed Green Salad 1.99
Sliced Cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce & ginger  
Mango Chutney 1.49
Raita 1.99
Cool Whipped yogurt with bits of cucumber, tomatoes, garnished with cilantro & Mint.  
Mixed Pickle 0.99
Cut Onion & Green Pepper 0.99
Special Dinners
For Two Persons
All Dinners are served with rice, dal, chutney, dessert and hot tea or coffee
Maharani Dinner 21.99


Milligatawny Soup, Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Pakora, Papadam, Choice of two Vegetable dishes, Naan

Royal Dinner 29.99
Choice of Soup, Meat Samosa, Pakora, Papadam, Mixed grill, Choice of Meat Curry, Choice of Vegetable Curry, Murg Naan  
Maharaja Dinner 25.99

(Non Vegetarian)

Choice of soup, Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kabab, Boti Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Rogan Josh, Sag Panner, Naan

For One Person
Vegetarian Thali 9.99
Malai Kofta or Punjabi Dal, Vegetable of the Day, Raita, Pulao Rice, Salad, Naan  
Non Vegetarian Thali 10.99
Lamb or Chicken Curry, Vegetable of the Day, Raita, Pulao Rice, Salad, Naan
Tandoori Shan

An absolute treat in Grand Mughlai Style. Marinated light spicy Tandoori cuisine is the combinatin of aromatic herbs,cultured yogurt and fresh ground spices, cooked on charcoal embers in a clay oven.Result is juicy.lean and tender meat with a seductive flavour.Served with Rice.

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in yogurt,ginger,herbs and then roasted.


Chicken Tikka 9.99
Boneless marinated tender juicy chicken from the clay oven.  
Boti kabab 9.99
Cubes of boneless lamb marinated in yogurttt ginger and cilantro  
Seekh Kabab 9.99
Minced lamb meat,blended with spices and herbs,molded on to skewers  
Shrimb Tandoori 10.99
Jumbo marinated juicy shrimb prepared with special spices and cooked in clay oven  
Paneer tikka 8.99

Homemade cheese marinated with yogurt, cooked in clay oven

Tandoori Mixed Grill 12.99

An assortment of all of the above items

Bahar-e-lamb (Served with Rice)
Lamb Curry 8.99
Selected pieces of lamb cooked with special herbs and spices in punjabi style  
Lamb Shahi- Korma 9.99
Diced lamb simmered with kashmiri herbs,dry nuts and cooked in creamy rich sauce  
Lamb Sagwala 8.99
Boneless lamb cooked with fresh chopped spinach, herbs and ginger  
Lamb Vindaloo 9.99
Cubes of lamb cooked in South Indian style with hot spices and potatoes  
Keema Matar 8.99
Fine minced lamb and fresh garden peas cooked in unjabi style with medium spices  
Lamb Tikka Masala 9.99
Tandoori lamb and fresh vegetables,tomatoes and served with creamy red sauce  
Karahi Lamb 9.99

Lamb cubes with ground spices and herbs in an iron karahi

Rice Specialities
Vegetable Biriyani 7.99
Fresh vegetables delicately sauced with Basmati rice,nuts and raisins  
Chicken Biriyani 8.99
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with herbs, Basmati rice and raisins  
Lamb Biriyani 9.99
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with herbs,Basmati rice,nuts and raisins  
Shrimb Biriyani 10.99
Shrimb cooked with exotic herbs and simmered with Indian Basmati rice,nuts and raisins  
Pulao Rice 3.49
Basmati Rice fried with herbs and spices  
Mushroom and Peas Pulao 4.99
Saffron flavoured rice with mushrooms,peas and spices  
Sabaz Bhandar
A delicious blend of fresh vegetables,fresh herbs and spices.Served with Rice  
Aloo Palak 7.99
Fresh spinach and tomatoes cooked with herbs and spices  
Sag Paneer 7.99
A clasical Indian Vegetabledish with homemade cheese,spinach &mild spices  
Matar Paneer 7.99
Fresh peas cooked with deep fried homemade curd cheese,nuts and creamy white sauce  
Alu Gobhi 7.99
Fresh cauliflower cubes of potatoes sauteed with fresh herbs and spices  
Alu Matar 7.99
Fresh peas cooked with cubes of potatoes and tomatoes in a special medium sauce  
Channa Masala 7.99

Chic peas,potatoes,fresh tomatoes cooked with tangy dried sauce in punjabi style

Bengan Bartha 7.99
Roasted eggplants cooked tenderly with tomatoes green peas and fresh spices  
Dal Makhani 7.99
Lentils cooked with butter and cream with special sauce  
Bhindi Masala 7.99
Moderately spiced okra with onion  
Navrattan Korma 8.99
Vegetables with homemade cheese and nutsin a mild creamy sauce  
Mushroom Matar 8.99
Fresh garden peas and mushrooms cooked with mild herbs and served in its own sauce  
Malai Kofta 8.99
Deep fried marrow vegetables and cheeseballs cooked with garden fresh peas and creamy sauce  
Pancer Masala 8.99

Creamy sauce with fresh green bell pepper

Yellow Dal 7.99
Blend of lentils cooked in fried onions,tomatoes and peppers  
Classic Indian Breads

Tandoori Roti

Indian Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor  
Puri 1.99
Soft,Puffy and Fluffy deep fried bread  
Bhatura 1.99
Deep fried fine flour bread  
Naan 1.99
Indian fine flour bread,soft and puffy baked in tandoor  
Butter Naan 1.99
Paratha 2.49
Extra light layered unleavened bread  
Alu Paratha 2.99

Whole Wheat unleaved bread filled with light spiced potatoes


Gobhi Paratha

Unleavened bread filled with fresh cauliflower and spices  
Keema Paratha 2.99
Unleavened bread filled with minced lamb and spices  
Paneer Paratha 2.99
Naan stuffed with homemade cheese  
Murg Naan 2.99
Naan stuffed with spiced bits of chicken  
Garlic Naan 2.99
Naan stuffed with fresh garlic  
Onion Kulcha 2.99
Fine Flour bread stuffed with spicy onion  

Gulab Jamun

Cottage cheese balls,deep fried and dipped in honey syrup and rose water  
Rice Pudding 1.99
Made from special rice cooked with milk and sugar, served cold with nuts and pistachios  
Gajrela 1.99
A famous North Indian dessert made from carrots  
Burfi 2.99
Special Indian cheese cake  
Mango Ice cream 2.99
Homemade ice cream with alphonsa mango  
Kulfi 2.99
Homemade ice cream with pistachio nuts  
Ras Malai 2.99

Indian cheese in a creamy sauce

Mango Juice 1.99
Mango Shake 1.99
Mango Lassi 2.49
Lassi (Sweet or Salted) 1.99
Ice Tea
Masala Tea 1.25
Tea or Coffee .99


Milk .99
Soda .99
We serve Beer or Wine  
Imported Beer  
Taj Mahal-Large Bottle (India) 5.25
Flying Horse (India) 5.25
Kingfisher (India) 3.50


Maharaja (India) 3.50

Heineken (Holland) 3.50
Corona (Mexico) 3.50
Saint Pauli (German) 3.50
Saint Pauli Dark (German) 3.50
Miller Lite 2.50
Bud Lite 2.50


Budweiser 2.50


Michelob 2.50
Michelob Dry 2.50
Non-Alcoholic O'Douls 2.50
Served mild, medium, hot or spicy on request.
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