114 Des Moines Avenue, Ames, Iowa


Good Food     Good Drink     Good People

From the ancient islands of Greece, where rich traditions and characters
are developed, you can experience this old charm in Cafe Northwest.
Our decor and atmosphere will transport you to a simple elegant place
full of good food, good drinks and good people.
As you feast on genuine Greek specialties prepared with the freshest,
hand-selected ingredients, you will savor that only the most
experience chef's can create!


Onion Rings
Homemade, thin & crispy
Sm. $3.95     Lg. $4.95
Spiced beef or chicken, cheddar,
tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos,
salsa and sour cream
Basket O' Veggies
Mushrooms, fried Dills, and onion
Cheddar Cheese Cubes
Cajun Popcorn Shrimp
Fried Dills
Breaded, deep fried pickle slices
Buffalo Wings
Hot, Hotter, Hottest or BBQ!
Ten $5.95  Twenty $8.95
Chicken Planters
Breaded white chicken tenders
served with ranch or honey mus-
Stuffed Green Plantains
Golden brown plantains stuffed
with this unique mix of crab meat.
Fried Keseri cheese and sausage
served flambé at your table -
Feta Cheese, Greek Olives,
peppercorn, cucumbers, green
peppers, tomatoes, sweet onions,
and our special dressing served
with Vienna bread.
Potato Skins
Melted cheddar and bacon bits
Breaded Mushrooms
Nacho Supreme
Your choice of beef or chicken
topped with the cheddar, black
olives, jalapenos, and tomatoes.
Jalapeno Poppers
Real Jalapenos stuffed with cream
cheese and fried
Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with
cheddar cheese, black olives,
tomatoes and your choice of mari-
nated beef or chicken
Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Breast Salad
Grilled, sliced chicken breast with
tomatoes, cucumber, boiled egg, and
black olives on a bed of greens.
Substitute Salmon for $3.00
Cobb Salad
Turkey, bacon, tomato, shredded ched-
dar and boiled egg top off this one.
Chicken Finger Salad
Large bowl of greens tossed with crispy
chicken breast tenders, tomatoes and
Greek Salad
Feta cheese, tomatoes, onions,
pepperoncinis, calemata olives, boiled
egg and cucumbers with our house
dressing served on a bed of greens.
Large...$5.95   Small...$2.95
Add Lamb and Beef Gyro meat for
Soup & Salad
(Substitute Greek salad for $.50(
Chef's Salad
Crispy lettuce topped with ham, turkey,
Swiss and American cheeses, tomatoes,
cucumbers and boiled egg.
Taco Salad
Lettuce tomatoes, olives, jalapenos,
cheddar and your choice of beef or
chicken. Served with salsa and sour
Popcorn Shrimp Salad
A bed of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers,
onions, boiled egg and cheddar cheese
served with lemon wedge.

Sandwiches are served with your choice of rice pilaf, baked potato, Greek spaghetti, steak fries or steamed vegetables.
Please add $0.50 for Steamed vegetables
Basic Burger....$5.95
Add American, Swiss or Cheddar Cheese - $.40
Greek Burger....$6.50
Basic burger topped with feta cheese
Hickory Burger....$6.50
American cheese and bacon burger
Mushroom Swiss Burger....$6.50
Coney Island Hot Dog....$3.95
Jumbo dog with chili, cheese and topped with chips
Cuban Sandwich....$6.25
Roasted Pork, ham, and provolone, on French
"Our Classic Gyro"
(Lamb and Beef)
Chicken Gyro
Natural Chicken....$6.95
Greek Chicken....$7.75
Chicken sandwich topped with feta cheese
Hickory Chicken....$7.50
American cheese and bacon chicken sandwich
Cajun Chicken....$7.50
Cajun seasoned chicken topped with cheddar
Mushroom Swiss Chicken....$7.50
Parmesan Chicken....$7.95
Café Tender (breaded or grilled)....$6.95

All steaks are served with a house salad, our own special bread, and your choice of rice pilaf, baked potato, Greek Spaghetti, steak fries or steamed vegetables.
Please add $.50 for Greek Salad or steamed vegetables
The Filet
Our Signature Steak!
A generous portion of beef tenderloin,
our most tender cut
Petite Filet
A 8oz. version of our filer.
New York Cut
A large 10 oz. cut.
Porterhouse T-Bone
A full pound and a half for the
hearty appetite.
Steak Sandwich
A 6oz. Portion of our beef tender-
loin served open faced.
Prime Rib
Slow roasted with our own
seasonings served with a side
of borseradish sauce
The Ribeye
A tender 10oz. Portion.
How do you like your steaks?
Rare....Red cool center
Medium Rare....Red warm center
Medium....Pink hot center
Medium Well....Broiled throughout
Well....Charred outside, broiled throughout
BBQ Ribs
Slow roasted ribs prepared with
our own BBQ Sauce and spe-
cial seasonings.
Melt in your mouth!
Half Rack....$10.95
Full Rack....$17.95
Onion Beef Steak
Marinated Strips of tenderized
London Broil topped with grilled
All entrées are served with a house salad, our own special bread, and your choice of rice pilaf, baked potato, Greek Spaghetti, steak fries or steamed vegetables.
Please add $.50 for Greek Salad or steamed vegetables
Spanokopita- Spinach Pie
Layers of filo dough stuffed with a mixture of feta cheese and spinach,
then baked to a golden brown.
Tyropita-Cheese Pie
Similar to our spanokopita, only this time stuffed with Feta, Ricotta and
Romano Cheeses.
Layers of baked eggplant and seasoned beef covered with a special
sweet cream sauce, then baked to perfection
Layers of special Greek macaroni and ground beef topped with a special
cream sauce, then baked to perfection.
Grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of ground beef and rice seasoned
with Greek herbs and spices. Served with delicate lemon sauce.
Lamb Chops - Sharas
Broiled in the finest Greek spices and served with the traditional side
of mint jelly. (Loin or shoulder Chops when available)
Iowa Chop
A tender 8 oz. potion broiled Café style in our authentic Greek season-
ings - Mmmmm good!
Greek Chicken - Kotopaula
A full half chicken, oven roasted using the finest Greek herbs and
All Kebabs are served on two full skewers with green peppers, red onions and tomatoes broiled to your specification!
Shrimp....$14.95Beef Tenderloin....$16.95Chicken....$12.95

All chicken Dinners (Double Chicken breast filet)....$8.95
All entrées are served with a house salad, our own special bread, and your choice of rice pilaf, baked potato, Greek Spaghetti, steak fries or steamed vegetables.
Please add $.50 for Greek Salad or steamed vegetables
Au Naturale
Juicy, tender chicken Breast grilled to perfection
Chicken and Rice
Served with delicious stewed beans and golden
brown ripe plantains. Fly away to Puerto Rico by
tasting this dish!
Topped with Mexican seasoning, salsa and cheddar
Augie's Style
Grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed onions,
mushrooms, and homemade Alf redo Sauce.
Winger Chicken
Coated with our spicy wing sauce. Hot, Hotter, Hot-
test, or BBQ
Grilled with Cajun spices and topped with melted

All entrées are served with a house salad, our own special bread, and your choice of rice pilaf, baked potato, Greek Spaghetti, steak fries or
steamed vegetables.
Please add $.50 for Greek Salad or steamed vegetables
Mahi Mahi
10 oz. Mahi Mahi fillets broiled in
garlic butter and served with our own
tartar sauce.
Seafood Delight
Transport yourself to the ocean with
this majestic combination of Mahi
Mahi, Salmon filet and jumbo shrimp
broiled in garlic butter.
Broiled Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp sautéed in a delicate
herb butter sauce.
Breaded Shrimp $15.25
Cajun Breaded Shrimp $15.75

Orange Roughy
A 10oz. Filet broiled slow in
seasoned butter.
Broiled Cod
A portion broiled in butter and
Greek Seasonings.
Broiled Salmon
A 12 oz. filet broiled in lemon
juice served with our dill sauce.
Steak & Shrimp
A tender 6 oz. filet with your
choice of broiled or breaded

All entrées are served on a bed on imported pasta
Greek Spaghetti
Sprinkled with aged- perfected Kefolateri
cheese and topped with our classic brown
butter sauce
Add Chicken breast for $2.00
A classic Italian name with our own Greek
Flare, served with Garlic bread.
Greek Pasta Toss
A freshly grilled chicken breast tossed
mixture of mushrooms, onions, black olives,
green peppers, olive oil and Feta cheese.
Vegetarian Greek Pasta Toss....$9.25

Chicken Primavera Alfredo
Freshly steamed vegetables with grilled
chicken breast and homemade Alf redo
Seafood Primavera Alfredo....$14.95
Vegetarian Primavera Alfredo....$9.95
Chicken Parmesan
A bed of fresh linguine topped with breaded
chicken tenders, our marinara sauce and
melted provolone cheese, served with garlic
(Great with a glass of Gionelli Lambrusco)

Soda....$1.50Coffe....$1.35Iced Tea....$1.20
Milk....$1.30Decaf....$1.35Hot Tea....$1.20

Homemade Greek Pastry filled with wal-
nuts, pecans, honey and cinnamon. Very
$2.75  Ala mode $3.95
Carrot Cake
Homemade and topped with cream cheese
Chocolate Volcano
It's a chocolate lover's dream... Rich
chocolate cake erupting with hot fudge and
a dip of old fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream
Cheese Flan
Apple Pie
American as... Well you know!
$2.95  Ala mode $3.95
New York style with your choice of straw-
berries, cherries or hot fudge
Almond Tart
Art cookie topped with cherries and a
smooth touch of whipped cream.

PLEASE NOTE:: There is a $3.00 extra plate charge.
We at Café Northwest appreciate your visit. The staff and management wish you a
pleasant experience in fine dining and relaxation. We specialize in Greek food and
steaks using choice Iowa Beef. May the food, beverage and service you receive be of
the highest quality. Thanks for visiting us!